Vegan Sour Chew Candies - Asst Flavour
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Vegan Sour Chew Candies - Asst Flavour

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Equal parts tasty and fun, fan-favorite Jelly Belly is adding chewy candy to its offerings! This new Jelly Belly chewy candies feature Jelly Belly Candy Company’s famous jelly bean shape in delicious sour chewy candy flavors. Jelly Belly chewy candies are vegan, contain no animal gelatin, and are made with colors from natural sources.  Available in five flavors — sour strawberry, sour apple, sour lemon, sour orange, and sour grape – these candies are finished with a sour sanding that leaves lips puckered and mouths watering.

Jelly Belly chewy candy comes in three varieties of 60g GRAB & GO™ bags; sour assorted mix, sour lemon and orange, and sour grape.

So, vegans, you know what to do! Go out a grab a pack or two of these delicious vegan-friendly treats today!